OpenNet Departments:

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OpenNet NMS & Application Software Services:

Carmody Quinn - Network Management Consultant / Project Management, Architecture, Design, Rollout, Analysis
Lynn Brannen - Executive in telephony and data communications. Expertise includes organizational management, product development, network architecture, and systems integration.
Jeff Rodgers - Senior Network Management sofware engineer with experience desiging enterprise class applications. Demonstrated proficiency in Java, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming as well as SNMP and other management protocols.
Veli Sahin, PhD - Sr. Director, Telecom & Data Comm expert: Specializing in Network Management Systems, Network/Product/Strategic planning.
Deb Burke, PMP - This certified project manager (PMP) has an extensive background in the communications industry with a proven track record of bringing difficult operations / systems projects in on-time and on-budget. Combine this background with an in-depth understanding of what your operations groups need to succeed, and Ms. Burke is a strong candidate for your telecom operations projects.
Tony Harvey - Sr. SW Engineer with strong background in management, development and specializing in NMS systems.
Desmond Fernandes - Software Engineer and Consultant with background in telecomm software, Network and Enterprise Management
Zsolt Lukacs - Sr. Software Engineer with extensive experience in building large scale distributed software systems.
Dave Hanson - Specialist in large scale application developemnt projects.
Aditya Sharma - Software Engineer with strong background in Network Flow Through Provisioning Systems and Protocol Analysis and Behaviour.
Amy Patnaude - 4 years experience as IT Professional - Microsoft Systems Administrator, SQL, Crystal Reports
Alexandre Polozoff - Network Management Consultant
Vijoy Choyi - Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in designing and developing NMS/EMS systems for telecom and datacom equipment.
Wayne Perry - Oracle DBA Specializing in Backup/Recovery Operations.
Mike Dixon - Sr. Software Engineer with over 12 years of OOPS, (EJB/JSP/Java, C/C++, multi-tier)
Amy Patnaude - 4 years experience as IT Professional - Microsoft Systems Administrator, SQL, Crystal Reports
Melvyn Fernandes - SW Engineer with background in e-commerce design and RDBMS
Dina Aminova - SQA with 17 years of experienced, including coding, DB development and automated test tools.
Rajesh Mirkhelkar - SNMP Agent and routing software developer.

OpenNet Network Engineering & Network Support:

Mark Gibson - Principal Sales Engineer - 20 years Datacommunications in sales and customer support, design engineering, network architecture, consulting, and business development. International and Startup Experience.
Tony Beseau - Sr. Escalation Engineer with extensive background in all areas of data comm and telecom network operational and rollout customer support.
Joel Wattacheril - Network Engineer - Specializing in securing large scale networks for E-commerce applications.
Mark Dowdey - Network Engineer with over nineteen years in network design, implementation, management, operations, and rollout of global networks. Strong background in systems, including NMS/OSS architecture and rollout. Skilled in management, planning, and training from a parallel career as an officer in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves.
Doug Cardy - Telecom Engineer specializing telecom network design & rollout with extensive background in call processing and embedded switch software.
Mike Jacobs - Sr. Telecom Engineer with 18 years experience in System/Network design with expertise in SS7,call processing, and system capacity.
Matt Bourque - Network Engineer with broad background varying from LAN/WAN/Telco design, rollout, management and NMS systems all the way to software test of network software.
Lance Chambers - Sr Network engineer with ISP / Telco experience. Specializing in BGP and MPLS
Phil Claiborne - Telecommunication Specialist
Jun Puzon - Network Engineer specializing in transmission systems.
Dennie Franklin - Sr. Network Engineer (planning, rollout, design) in voice, broadband, and optical

OpenNet Systems Support Services:

Colleen Quinn - Software Configuration Mgmt Engineer specializing in project mgmt, analysis, development and implementation.
Greg Hoare - Unix administration, network security, and DBA specialist

OpenNet Technical Writing & Training Services:

Sandra Beene - Technical Writer
Liz Reiersen - Training, Curriculum Development, and Technical Writing

OpenNet Sales and Business Support Services:

Bob Corn - Project Executive with Sales and Engineering expertise.
Barbara Labanowski - Over 12 years of Sales and Project Coordination
David Byrd - Sr Technical Network Sales Engineer with ISP / Telco experience.
Kacey Claiborne - Recruiter with over 15 years in telecom, IT, sales, and engineering
Christi Davis - Office Manager